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Parting Shots :

Wacky celebrity funerals...

Anita RoddickAnita Roddick
(Body Shop)

True to character, Body Shop's founder Anita Roddick's coffin was made from biodegradable shrubs and was carried to the crematorium in the back of a vintage VW camper van, where special filters were used to reduce mercury emissions.

Sid ViciousSid Viscious
(Sex Pistols)

Others were not so fortunate... Eye witnesses report that the urn carrying Sid Viscious’s ashes was unfortunately dropped onto a busy Heathrow concourse by his mother. Instead of being sprinkled on the grave of erstwhile girlfriend Nancy Spungen, Sid's ashes came to rest in the airport ventilation system.

Gram ParsonsGram Parsons
(The Byrds)

Despite wanting to be cremated in Joshua Tree, the family of country legend Gram Parsons scheduled a burial in New Orleans. Incensed at the apparent betrayal of Parsons' last wishes, his manager stole the body, drove it to Joshua Tree (dodging chasing police), where he set the corpse alight with the aid of 5 gallons of petrol.

Kurt CobainKurt Cobain

If Kurt Cobain had any strong thoughts about his own farewell, it is unlikely to have included having his ashes stolen from his widow's home, rolled into a spliff and smoked by Australian performance artist Natasha Stellman, on the pretext of finally 'freeing Cobaine from the media circus'.

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