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Funerals To Die For is for people who want their final send off to be a true and positive reflection of their life and overriding passions.

Although we are used to pre-planning life's major events - weddings, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries - few of us give any real consideration to the kind of funeral we would want.

Celebrate Your Life, Your Way !

Icon: Champagne glasses... Cheers!Given a free choice, you would almost certainly hope that it would be a celebration of a life well-lived, rich in experiences and shared pleasures.

And the last thing you would want is for your grieving family to have to cope with the crushing burden of making the final arrangements without your support and guidance.

Leaving it all to others

You can join our online funeral plan service today... it really is easy!In the midst of coping with their loss, a grief-stricken wife, husband or child has a painfully short time to arrange matters in the forlorn hope that they fulfil the deceased person's most basic wishes.

As a consequence, your funeral is likely to be a tearful, sombre ritual which is completely at odds with what you would have wanted.

But it doesn't have to be like that

Join Funerals To Die For and you can take control of one of your life's key moments.
You can plan how you want your life to be celebrated, making it a personal reflection of all the good things you enjoyed.

You and your loved ones deserve it... surely?

Notes: If you are funeral planning or thinking of making your own funeral arrangements then you should try our innovative and private online funeral planning service. You can record your funeral planning, special video messages to loved ones, note all important documents and gift inheritance, plus appoint your Trustees to carry out your final wishes. Don't forget to specify the type of coffin you require and to check any life insurance policy. You should also consider writing a Will and what kind if wake you would want. The more you think ahead and plan, the easier it will be for your family to deal with their loss.

If you are a Trustee arranging a memberís funeral you will need to think about arranging the flowers and speeches, seek ideas and advice for tributes and research the funeral costs.