About Funerals To Die For

AUGUST 2017: THIS SITE IS NO LONGER UPDATED OR SUPPORTED. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The good times... celebrate your life!Why not celebrate your life, your way? “Funerals To Die For” is an innovative and modern on-line funeral planning service that is private and secure for people who want their final farewell to be a positive and happy reflection of their life.

Most of us are used to planning our own major events such as weddings, birthdays, retirement and anniversaries – right? But how many consider organising their own funeral?

Given a free choice, we think you would hope that your funeral would be a celebration – a fond day of remembrance and a pleasurable experience. We’d hate to think of our grieving family having to cope with the crushing burden of making the funeral arrangements without our help and guidance.

Whilst coping with their sense of loss, a grief-stricken wife, husband or parent could really do without the added stress of having to arrange matters in the slim hope of fulfilling your most basic wishes. As a consequence, most funerals are likely to be a tearful, sad ritual and completely at odds with what would have been wanted.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

You can now take control of one of your life’s key moments. You can plan how you want to your life to be celebrated, making it a personal reflection of all the good things you enjoyed. And it’s easy, so easy, with our innovative, secure and free on-line planning service. Join and take control today!