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Article: Taking Control of Your Own Funeral

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Given a free choice, you would almost certainly hope that your funeral plans would be a celebration of your life, a tipped hat to a well-lived, rich in experience and shared pleasure with loved ones and friends.

So why do we entrust our parting moments to a greiving relative or friend, who will no doubt do their blessed best to send you on your way. But will it be befitting to you?

So is it not time you took control of you own funeral arrangements like any other special occassion? Don't we want our final send-off to be a true and positive reflection of their life and overriding passions.

We are so used to planning life's major events like weddings, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, but few of us give any real consideration to the kind of funeral we would want.

Leaving Funeral Planning to others

Surely the last thing you would want is for your grieving family to have to cope with the crushing burden of making YOUR final funeral arrangements without your support and input. We cannot expect the agrieved to cope in the midst of coping with their loss. Any grief-stricken wife, husband or child has a painfully short time to arrange matters in the forlorn hope that they fulfil the deceased person's most basic wishes.

As a consequence, your own funeral plan and event is likely to be a tearful, sombre ritual which is completely at odds with what you would have wanted. ... it's not a fair deal is it?

But funerals don't have to be like this

There is now a way for you take control of one of your life's key moments... PLAN YOUR OWN FUNERAL! You can plan and record online through innovative 'funeral planning' services online. You can record how you want your life to be celebrated, save important documents such as a will deeds, investments, upload personal messages, add audio/video messages.

And in doing so making the whole funeral experience a personal (and maybe fun?) reflection of all the good things you enjoyed in life. There's no shame in a celebration of life!

We should all plan our own funeral ahead of time - it's makes sense and is so easy in the new digital online world. You and your loved ones deserve it... surely?

Celebrate Your Life, Your Way !

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