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Article: Planning Your Own Funeral Online

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Funeral planning has become just as much a lifestyle choice as planning our wedding, our house, furniture, holiday, our car and clothes... A funeral is more about a reflection and celebration of your life so why not take an active part?


Increasingly, if you can access the Internet, then it is very possible to plan a funeral yourself. And makes it so much easier to choose the funeral you want by recording it online. It's all at your fingertips (or mouse) these days!

So I guess it was inevitable that funeral planning web sites would appear eventually and in some numbers. There's lots to choose from and of varying merit. Some are free and others reasonably priced. They all offer a way to login and record the important elements of organising your own funeral after your death. Such as...

1. Recording Vital Documents

Your trustees, legal team or delegated funeral helpers will need to know where your important documents are kept. You will be able to record details such as your bank accounts / addresses, your will location, solicitors and financial advisor, life assurance / insurance plans or policies, social security details, pensions, house insurance, car insurance. Of course knowing where all these are will help the trustees to organise the practical / legal side of things.

2. Wills and Inheritance

If you have a will already then record its location in your funeral profile. If not, maybe you can write the will yourself as part of the online funeral service? Many do offer will writing as part of the service. Of course this means recording the distribution of your wealth, possessions, gifts and your estate as you see fit. This can all be done online now.

3. Your Funeral Choices

Pre-planning should also allow you to record your funeral wishes - i.e. what you want to happen at YOUR funeral on YOUR day. You can specify your religious preference, the type of ceremony you want, the funeral director and their desired services. Tell them your selection or type of casket / coffin, your urn, tombstone or other items of funeral merchandise.

You may want to record your chosen charity for donations, floral requirements, the cortege and funeral route to church / or funeral ceremony. If you know what music, prayers and readings you want then you can record these too. You may want to write your own farewell messages or poems.

And there'll be room to state any special requirements unique to your life / celebration. Maybe you want some quirky funeral request that tipifies your personality.

Doing all this in advance allows you to make your survivors aware of your wishes, and reduces the emotional influences during the decision making process after you have gone.

4. Media / Video Messages

With the mass adoption and usage of digital cameras / mobiles phones, many premium online funeral planners are now allowing you to upload soundbites, recordings and video messages to be released and played after/during your funeral... so maybe that rendition of 'My Way' will finally get an airing eh?

5. Trustees

In order that all the above can be executed, you'll need to ensure you have at least two trustees to help. Online funeral planning sites allow you to say who will carry out your requests.

6 Security

Of course all this information about your funeral needs to be stored securely with username / password access only. Your Trustees need to be chosen carefully and need to how they access this information after your death... they are not called trustees for nothing!

So, there you have it! We are well and truly in a digital world where your whole life (and death) is now online... so why not plan your own funeral? Better still make it more interesting for you and your loved ones... Yes you can now put the FUN into Funeral !

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