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Article: Funeral Costs Just Don't Get Any Cheaper!

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Average Funeral Costs in UK

The average cost of a funeral in 2009 was 2733. The trend will clearly see this price rise over the coming years. It is predicted (*) that by 2015 this cost will rise to an average of 4050! (source Mintel Research).

These prices are for a basic funeral. Many funerals cost a lot more than that if you include those special touches that your family may wish to add such as flowers, any special catering, large funeral cars or professional services.

Okay, so what does the average funeral cost include? Here is a basic list:
The cremation or burial, funeral flowers, a headstone, reception and catering, hire of a venue, order of the service, legal and death notices, newspaper notices and funeral cars.

You may decide that there are special things you wish to have your funeral or that the cortege will be large and need a lot of cars for instance. Then clearly your funeral costs will increase with more requirements.

Regional Variations in Funeral Costs

Sun Life have done research to show that the cost of burials and cremations across the UK to vary in price region to region. For instance, in Scotland the average burial price is just over 3000. Whereas in London the same burial may cost you in the region of 4600.

Low-cost Funerals

If you research the price of the cost of a funeral in the UK you will find many low-cost alternatives, well below the average price. We have seen them as low as 995! We would urge caution when paying for a funeral in advance at these prices, particularly if you have never heard of the company. Certainly be wary of Internet sites that advertise cheap prices and take your payment there and then. You may not have any comeback.

Preplan your Funeral

You can of course ease the burden of these funeral costs by planning ahead. There are many funeral plans on the market that help to pay for the funeral or make a considerable contribution to the final costs.

There are established UK plans from well-known funeral service companies in the UK. Please shop around for the best prices but ensuring that you know exactly what you will get for your monthly payments.

You will often see funeral plans for the over 50s on TV and online. They do appear to represent great value. However, be aware that you may pay more into the plan and you actually get out. For example: one person could pay into the plan for 15 years, whilst another person might only pay into the plan two years but both persons get the same this fair value?

Or Save Up Yourself!

Of course, if you are a good planner yourself you could simply just ensure that you have a bank account dedicated for your funeral costs. Either deposit a lump sum into the account or pay a healthy amount every month so it builds up.

Tell your loved ones

Whatever choices you make about funeral costs ensure you tell your closest family members, loved ones or trusted friends so they know you have made arrangements for your funeral costs. That way they will not need to worry when the time comes.